Founders Chocolataria Equador

Design is crucial in Chocolataria Equador’s communication. The packaging materials and graphics are lovingly crafted and selected, always with the aim of establishing a conscious balance between visual appeal, functionality and environmental impact. 

All graphics are original and rooted in the brand’s philosophy, produced by Celestino Fonseca and Teresa Almeida with the collaboration of local artists who, upon invitation from Equador, develop custom projects. 

de velasco artista

De Velasco. Xylography 2018: Illustrated packaging, inspired by the dense and verdant cocoa plantations, where the cocoa trees grow under the shade of banana trees and other fruit trees typical of the region.

desenho alameda


We wrote and illustrated a collection of short stories narrating a fictional place named Vila do Lago, our interpretation of Portugal’s traditional, enchanting small villages. The stories served as inspiration for our retail experience.

postal chocolataria equador

Celestino Tedim Fonseca (Ilustration) 2019. Posters and postcards are integral elements of our visual language. Always present in the stores, they’re filled with heart-warming messages that often accompany our products.


pascal ferreira

Pascal Ferreira ( A Vila do Lago in Chocolate): A three-dimensional chocolate puzzle that grows every year, in development since 2012. Now comprising 80 pieces, it’s an imaginary space where our creative stories unfold.