Refund policy

Returns and Exchanges

In compliance with the Code of Good Hygiene and Food Safety Practices, we cannot accept exchanges or returns of perishable products, unless we send you defective or incorrect items.
If you receive defective or incorrect merchandise, we will correct the situation. In the unlikely event that a product is expired at the time of delivery, we will either replace it or refund you in full. We will only be able to accept this return if you send us a photo of the back label of the product in question, where the stamped codes are visible. Our internal traceability system allows us to quickly rectify this situation.
Our team is very dynamic and we periodically make slight improvements to the design of our products. If the packaging looks different from what you expected or you remember seeing in our catalogue, that's not a defect, it's creativity. For this reason, we cannot issue a refund or exchange.

Cancellation or non-acceptance of the placed order

If you want to cancel your order, you can send us an email within 8 hours after placing the order. We do not accept cancellations by telephone.
If the order has already been shipped, and delivery is refused, we cannot issue a refund.